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Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned this week that New York was about to “exhaust” its coronavirus vaccine supply, with only a few thousand doses left. But is it really running on empty?

Not entirely. Here’s how the math breaks down:

The governor said Friday that after administering vaccines to more than 1 million people, the state had only around 28,000 doses left over for people getting their first of two shots.

But that was a reference to how much vaccine was available out of the stockpile of first doses the state had at the start of the week.

Cuomo wasn’t including another nearly quarter-million doses from new shipments sent by the federal government. He also wasn’t including hundreds of thousands of doses being distributed to nursing home patients and staff through a federal program. And he also wasn’t including a big stockpile of doses reserved for people getting the second of the two shots they need.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been publicizing a different count for New York, saying as of Saturday that of the 2.4 million doses delivered to the state, about 1.2 million were still unused.

State-run vaccination sites have not canceled appointments, and Cuomo said he’s confident those sites will have enough vaccines to provide second doses to all who have already been vaccinated.

Many pharmacies, hospitals and other vaccine providers were still planning to hold vaccinations as scheduled in coming days.

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